• Vera Levina-Prod'homme - Freelance Translator


    My name is Vera. I am a professional freelance translator. I translate from English and French into Russian. With more than 9 years of experience, I specialize in videogame and app localization and marketing transcreation.


    I'll be happy to help you with any translation projects in these fields. Just drop me a line!

  • Experience - Freelance Translator

    9+ years of experience

    Words - Freelance Translator

    1 195 000+ words translated

    Projects - Freelance Translator

    2100+ projects completed

    Video Games - Freelance Translator

    800+ games and apps localized

    Education - Freelance Translator

    Master's degree in translation

    Tailored Offer - Freelance Translator

    100% customized offers

  • What I Do

    Translation and localization

    Translation and Localization

    I can help you translate and localize the following texts:

    • In-game content
    • App content
    • User interfaces
    • Menus
    • Tutorials
    • Instructions
    • Marketing support content (for Google Play, Apple Store, Steam etc.)
    • Community support content (FAQs, newsletters etc.)
    • Websites
    • ... and whatever else you'll need!
  • Additional services and benefits:

    Proofreading and LQA Testing - Freelance Translator

    Proofreading and LQA Testing

    Besides standard proofreading and translation quality assurance (QA) procedures, I can also check the integration of the translated content during the LQA testing of your game or app.

    CAT Tools - Freelance Translator

    CAT Tools

    I use the most advanced CAT tools available. This allows me to speed up my workflow and ensure consistency, even in case of multiple updates.

    Multiple Platforms - Freelance Translator

    Multiple Platforms

    I work (and can actually test your games) with the following platforms: PC, Android, iOS, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch.

    Multiple File Formats - Freelance Translator

    Multiple File Formats

    Less format conversion means fewer integration problems. I work with a large variety of file formats, which makes your life a little easier.

    Updates - Freelance Translator


    I'll help you with all the updates you create after the first launch of your game or app.

  • Contenu marketing, community management et blogging russe


    I'll help you adapt the following content for a Russian-speaking audience:

    • Websites
    • Product descriptions
    • Ads
    • Press releases
    • Brochures
    • Blog articles
    • ... and whatever else your creative spirit produces!
  • Additional services and benefits:

    Creating of Styleguides and Briefs - Freelance Translator

    Style Guides and Briefs

    My extensive experience allows me not only to provide high quality transcreation services but also to create support materials in line with your brand and target audience to optimize the work of your team.

    CAT Tools - Freelance Translator

    CAT Tools

    I use the most advanced CAT tools available. This allows me to speed up my work and ensure consistency.

    Creating of Testing Materials - Freelance Translator

    Creation of Testing Materials

    Based on my quality assurance experience for transcreation jobs, I can create testing materials to help you pick the right team for your project.

    Advanced QA - Freelance Translator

    Advanced QA

    Beyond standard quality assurance procedures, I can also ensure that the content I create is smoothly integrated into your website and other platforms.

    Multiple Platforms and File Formats - Freelance Translator

    Multiple Platforms and File Formats

    Whatever your preferable platform and file formats are, I am quite sure I can accommodate you.

  • References

    These companies use my localization services:

    Google Play - Videogame localization

    Google Play

    YouTube - Videogame localization


    Wix.com - Videogame localization


    CyberGhost - Videogame localization


    Electronic Arts - Videogame localization

    Electronic Arts

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    CHL Translations - Videogame localization

    CHL Translations

  • These are some of the games I've worked on:

    Space Haven - English Russian

    Space Haven

    Tower Conquest - English Russian

    Tower Conquest

    Seeker's Notes - English Russian

    Seeker's Notes

    The Secret Society - English Russian

    The Secret Society

    Ships of Battle: Age of Pirates - English Russian

    Ships of Battle: Age of Pirates

    Make More! - English Russian

    Make More!

    Maxim the Robot - English Russian

    Maxim the Robot

    MaskGun - English Russian


    Road Draw: Climb Your Own Hills - English Russian

    Road Draw: Climb Your Own Hills

  • I've been adapting content of the following brands:

    DJI - Marketing Translation


    Hôtel Bristol Genève - Marketing Translation

    Hôtel Bristol Genève

    Eterna - Marketing Translation


    Urwerk - Marketing Translation


    Louis Vuitton - Marketing Translation

    Louis Vuitton (via Quill Content)

    Tommy Hilfiger - Marketing Translation

    Tommy Hilfiger

    (via Quill Content)

    La Réserve Paris - Hôtel et Spa - Marketing Translation

    La Réserve Paris - Hôtel et Spa

    dunhill - Marketing Translation

    dunhill (via Quill Content)

    Banyan Tree - Marketing Translation

    Banyan Tree

  • Rates

    Basic Dev Packages

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    Localization + LQA testing

    for games with up to 2 000 words

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    Localization + LQA testing

    for games with 2 000-5 000 words

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    Localization + LQA testing

    for games with 5 000-10 000 words

  • Every project is different and requires a unique approach. Send me your project description, and I'll get back to you within 24 hours with a customized offer.

  • What My Clients Say

    Vera Levina-Prod'homme - Freelance Translator

    Fiona English

    Russian Language Project Manager



    Vera Levina-Prod'homme - Freelance Translator

    Ana Maria Sivoglo

    Operation Manager

    PAB Translation Centre

    Vera Levina-Prod'homme - Freelance Translator


    Official Language Service Provider of Google Play

    Vera Levina-Prod'homme - Freelance Translator

    Uliana Ivanova

    Copywriting Team Manager


    Vera Levina-Prod'homme - Freelance Translator

    Tatiana King

    Lead Editor

    Louis Vuitton, Tommy Hilfiger and dunhill Projects

    Quill Content

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